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HP 9000

A family of servers from HP that ran under the HP/UX and Linux operating systems. HP 9000s came in a wide range of models from single-CPU, entry-level machines to high-end Superdome models that supported up to 64 processors and 2TB of memory.

From Motorola to PA-RISC
The first HP 9000 was introduced in 1982 and used the Motorola 68000 CPU. Within a few years, HP migrated the family to its PA-RISC architecture, which reached end of life in 2009.

From PA-RISC to Itanium to x86
In 2008, the HP 9000 family was superseded by Itanium-based Integrity Servers, offering the same wide range of models. As the primary supporter of Itanium-based computers, which HP helped design, by 2012, HP began the switch to x86-based CPUs. See Itanium and x86.

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