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IP on Everything

Vinton G. Cerf, VP and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google, has been called the "Father of the Internet." In 1992, his "IP on Everything" T-shirt caused quite a stir at an IETF conference, where he was the keynote speaker. He was right. Meant as a tongue-in-cheek forecast of the future, the IP protocol, which is the foundation of the TCP/IP protocol suite, has indeed become the world standard.

Almost Everything Runs on IP
The Internet, underscored by IP, has not only affected every business and IT department, but it changed global communications. In addition, IP is not only the protocol of the Internet; it became the default protocol for local networks in every company, as well as the home. See IP telephony, VoIP, IP Multimedia Subsystem, IP network, Internet, TCP/IP and dumb network.

Tongue-in-cheek, But Right On
"Vint" Ceft was quite the visionary as IP is indeed on everything today. More accurately, "everything is on IP," but then the T-shirt wouldn't have been fun. (Image courtesy of Boardwatch Magazine.)

IP Everywhere
Including an Apple TV set-top box, which streams content from the Internet and home network to the TV set. IP is running just about everywhere.

Even Voice
Years ago, the first data transmissions rode over voice networks. Today, a huge amount of voice traffic rides over data networks, namely IP networks. Voice evolved from FDM-based analog circuits to TDM-based digital circuits to IP packet networks. See VoIP.

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