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Magic Mouse

A multitouch mouse from Apple. Introduced in 2009, Magic Mouse has no buttons or wheels. Its entire top surface is touch sensitive, allowing it to respond to gestures for scrolling in all directions. It also functions as a regular click mouse. See Magic Trackpad.

It's Magic!
Scrolling is done by sliding a finger over the mouse in the appropriate direction. There is no scroll wheel, and the surface accepts one- and two-finger gestures. (Image courtesy of Apple Inc.)

Magic Trackpad

A multitouch gesture-based touchpad from Apple that debuted on Mac laptops in 2009 and became a stand-alone pointing device for desktop computers in 2010. The Magic Trackpad has all the features of Apple's Magic Mouse in a touchpad configuration.

For Windows But Limited
With some tech savvy, the Trackpad driver can be lifted out of the Mac's Boot Camp system; however, not all the gestures work on Windows PCs. In 2011, Logitech introduced a gesture-based wireless touchpad for Windows and followed up with enhanced models. See Magic Mouse.

Multitouch Magic
Apple's Bluetooth touchpad for the Mac is very popular because of its multitouch capability. This three-finger example was excerpted from the Mac control panel.

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