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smart bulb

A light bulb that can be controlled from a mobile device. The modern equivalent of the decades-old home control lighting systems (see X10), the smart bulb is activated via a smartphone app over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


A remote control system for lamps and appliances from X10, Hong Kong ( that uses the home's electrical system as the signaling network. The standard powerline system for many years, x10 transmitters and receivers are set to one of 256 low-voltage codes. The controller, which contains the switch and transmitter, is an external unit that plugs into any AC outlet, or it replaces the light switch on the wall. The receiver plugs into the AC outlet, and the lamp or appliance plugs into the receiver. When the switch is activated, it sends a signal into the electrical line that is picked up by the receiver, which turns on/off or dims the lights. Several lamps can be treated as one group by setting their receivers to the same code.

A large variety of X10 products for home and commercial implementations are available. The company also provides OEM products for Radio Shack, Sears, Stanley and GE. See home control network.

An X10 Controller
This Stanley unit plugs into any AC outlet and controls up to eight X10 receivers.

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