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virtual data room

The online equivalent of a physical room that is set up for viewing confidential documents when performing due diligence in such matters as mergers and acquisitions, rounds of venture capital, IPOs, court trials and other legal transactions. The virtual data room (VDR) is a highly secure website to which data are uploaded and available to qualified participants by strong passwords.

Search with Restrictions
The software that implements a virtual data room offers a variety of search functions with numerous restrictions. For example, certain parts of documents may be excluded from viewing, copies may be prevented, and visitor actions may be thoroughly logged by time, date and documents viewed. See extranet.


A secured website on the Internet for customers or business partners and not the general public. To gain access, users must establish an account with identification and an authentication method such as a password, security token or biometric. An extranet can provide access to research, current inventories, internal databases, electronic teaching platforms, virtually any information that customers or associates have permission to view. Many extranets use virtual private networks (VPNs) to encrypt data in transit. Contrast with intranet. See Microsoft SharePoint, EDI and virtual data room.

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