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A half-duplex serial bus from Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA ( It was originally developed by Dallas Semiconductor, which was acquired by Maxim in 2001. Using one line for data and power, plus ground, 1-Wire is widely used to transfer identification and calibration data from products such as battery packs, printer cartridges, medical sensors, printed circuit boards and cellphone accessories. Transmitting at 16 or 142 Kbps, each 1-Wire device has a unique serial number.

iButtons Use 1-Wire
1-Wire is used to transfer data from Maxim's iButton chips, which are portable tokens used for building access, asset management and other tracking and monitoring applications (see iButton).


A highly durable chip with a unique address from Maxim Integrated Products ( that is used for many purposes, such as building access, personal information, asset management, guard tours and tracking. Housed in a 16mm aluminum or stainless steel can that looks like a watch battery, iButtons are small enough to be attached to a key fob or finger ring.

Data are transferred in and out of the iButton when the can makes momentary contact with a reader/writer connected to a computer via a simple Maxim interface (see 1-Wire).

iButton and Reader
Looking like a watch battery, this iButton is resting on top of the reader. iButtons are rugged identification devices, and their top and side are the two contacts.

A Unique Serial Number
Every iButton has its own serial number laser etched into the case.

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