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(3dfx Interactive, San Jose, California) A company that specialized in 3D accelerator chips and arcade game subsystems used by major graphics cards manufacturers. Founded in 1994, 3dfx also developed its own line of graphics cards but had strong competition from NVIDIA. In addition, its lack of support for the upcoming DirectX API caused the company to declare bankruptcy in 2000. NVIDIA acquired its IP assets. See Voodoo Graphics.

Voodoo Graphics

A family of 3D graphics chipsets from 3dfx that was used in a variety of graphics cards from major manufacturers. The Voodoo Graphics PCI card added 3D capability but also relied on the existing graphics card for 2D operation. In 1997, the Voodoo Rush chipset combined 2D and 3D rendering but did not fare as well as the improved Banshee chipset a year later. After the Voodoo5 card was released, the company went bankrupt in 2000. For a while, loyal fans created Voodoo driver updates and offered unofficial tech support. See 3dfx.

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