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Brook's law

"Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later," coined by Fred Brooks, author of "The Mythical Man-Month," published in 1975. The extra human communications required to add another member to a programming team is considerably more than anyone ever expects. It naturally depends on the experience and sophistication of the programmers involved and the quality of available documentation. Nevertheless, no matter how much experience they have, the additional time discussing the assignment, commitments and technical details as well as evaluating the results becomes exponential as more people are added. See laws.


Following are axioms that have been made by professionals in the field from time to time about computers and information technology. For the actual text, look up the definition.

 Law              Subject

 Amara's law      Technology in general

 Amdahl's law     System & network speed

 Asimov's laws    Robotics

 Brook's law      Software projects

 Clarke's laws    Prediction

 Codd's rules     Relational database

 Cole's law       Essential elements

 Fitts' law       User interface

 Freedman's law   Programming

 Kerckhoffs' law  Cryptopraphy

 Kryder's law     Hard drive density

 Metcalfe's law   Network value

 Moore's law      Transistor capacity

 Nacchio's law    IP gateways

 Reed's law       Network value

 Shannon's law    Channel speed

 Thackara's laws  Product design

 Wirth's law      Software bloat

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