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Darbee Visual Presence

A visual processing technology from DarbeeVision Inc. that uses proprietary methods to enhance the depth and clarity of video images. All performed in real time, Darbee Visual Presence creates a "saliency map" for each frame that outlines the parts of the image that are important. It also creates a stereo view of each frame and alters the luminance values to create depth. The technology is built into products such as the highly praised Oppo Blu-ray players, and it comes as a stand-alone unit that can be inserted into the A/V chain of a home theater. See video processor.

Darbee Enhancements
On the right are two examples of Darbee-enhanced frames. (Images courtesy of DarbeeVision Inc.,

video processor

A chip or stand-alone component that provides video format conversion. Video processing chips are built into video equipment such as A/V receivers and Blu-ray and DVD players, while stand-alone "outboard" video processors reside in the home theater equipment rack between the TV set-top box and the TV.

A Lot of Processing
A video processor may perform all or some combination of the following functions: upconversion, deinterlacing, frame rate conversion, noise reduction, artifact removal, lip sync (A/V synchronization) and edge enhancement. See upconvert, deinterlace, mosquito noise, Gaussian noise and lip sync.

Home Theater Video Processor
Anchor Bay's acclaimed video processor functions as a switch for all video sources, including Blu-ray players and set-top boxes. Using Anchor Bay's Video Reference Series (VRS) technology, the EDGE upconverts signals to the TV's native resolution and funnels the audio to the sound system. It also deinterlaces and provides mosquito noise reduction and sharpness adjustment. (Image courtesy of Anchor Bay Technologies, Inc.,

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