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A family of European-designed printed circuit boards that uses a 96-pin plug rather than edge connectors. The 3U is a 4x6" board with one plug; the 6U is a 6x12" board with two plugs; the 9U is a 14x18" board with three plugs. See CompactPCI.

A 3U Eurocard
CompactPCI boards use the Eurocard form factor. This is a complete PC (sans hard disk) from Xtech. Note the CompactPCI connector at the back of the card (right). (Image courtesy of Xtech Embedded Computers.)


The PCI bus technology implemented on a Eurocard form factor. Eurocards provide more rugged packaging and a more secure plug and socket than the standard PCI card used in desktop computers. Because Eurocards come in several sizes, CompactPCI is modular and supports hot swapping.

The PICMG consortium developed CompactPCI, enabling PCI to fit into rack-mounted industrial and telecom equipment. Due to enhanced backplane and connector characteristics, up to eight CompactPCI cards can be plugged into the bus rather than only three or four with PCI. See Eurocard, PCI and PICMG.

A Complete PC
Except for a hard disk, a complete PC resides on this earlier CompactPCI card from Xtech. Using Pentium and K-6 processors, it provided the full gamut of I/O found on a PC. Note the CompactPCI connector at the back of the card (right). (Image courtesy of Xtech Embedded Computers.)

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