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Evans & Sutherland

(Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation, Salt Lake City, UT, A computer graphics and simulation company founded in 1968 by David Evans and Ivan Sutherland. Sutherland's doctoral thesis on computer graphics in 1963 became a cult paper on the subject. They developed many of the first effects at the University of Utah.

In the mid-1970s, the company developed commercial flight simulators in conjunction with Rediffusion Simulation in England. More than a decade later, it dissolved this relationship and began to develop military simulations. The company makes the computer hardware and software, which is then integrated with domes and cockpits into the final product. The simulations are extremely realistic and are output at more than 100 frames per second to eliminate the subliminal flicker produced when scenes are projected inside a dome. The company later created a division that creates special effects for the education and entertainment fields.

Evans & Sutherland Flight Simulator
This 20' dome in the Netherlands has an actual cockpit inside. The simulated scenes are projected onto the dome, and the hydraulics move the unit. (Image courtesy of Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation.)

Military and Commercial Simulations
Military pilots are trained by simulating enemy aircraft. Commercial pilots are trained by simulating takeoffs and landings at major airports. (Images courtesy of Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation.)

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