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An application development system for enterprise client/server environments from Sun. It was folded into the Sun Studio compiler and tool suite, which is based on the open source Netbeans IDE.

Introduced in 1994, Forte was created as a repository-driven system that supports Windows, Mac and Motif clients and all the major Unix servers as well as VMS. It supports Oracle, Sybase and Rdb databases and provides partitioning for creating three-tier applications. Testing and debugging is done in an interpreted mode while production programs are compiled into C++ code. Forte was developed by Forte Software, which was acquired by Sun in 1999. See NetBeans.


A Java-based development environment (IDE) and platform originally developed by Sun. It includes user interface functions, source code editor, GUI editor, version control as well as support for distributed applications (CORBA, RMI, etc.) and Web applications (JSPs, servlets, etc.).

In 1999, Sun acquired NetBeans Developer from NetBeans and rebranded it as Forte for Java Community Edition (Sun acquired Forte in 1999). In 2000, Sun made the NetBeans IDE open source. For more information, visit See Eclipse.

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