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See Foxconn.


The world's largest electronics manufacturer and China's largest private employer, officially Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd. Founded in 1974 and headquartered in Taiwan, Foxconn employs nearly a million people in Europe, India, Brazil and Mexico, but mostly in China with the largest facility in the Longhua district of Shenzhen. Foxconn makes products for companies around the world, including customers such as Microsoft, Amazon, HP and IBM. Where Foxconn makes iPhones in Zhengzhou, China, locals call it "iPhone City."

Nobody Can Compete
Foxconn's customers claim that no organization in the world is as capable, flexible and committed to meet large-scale production deadlines and respond to last minute changes. The Chinese government has spent billions in support of the company.

A Lot of Notoriety
Foxconn has been in the news for the harsh treatment of its employees, many of whom live and work in company dormitories and endure long shifts. After a number of suicides in 2010, nets were draped around the buildings to prevent people from jumping out of windows. In addition, over the years, many workers have developed problems with their hands due to the repetitive motion required in their jobs.

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