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GIS development strategy

(Data West Research Agency definition: see GIS glossary.) To develop a GIS, an organized approach should be taken to obtain a successful system, and includes the following phases:

a) geographic information needs assessment (an analysis of operations that will determine exactly how the GIS should be designed in order for it to be fully utilized in everyday routines);

b) analyze existing systems and create detailed GIS design (an analysis to summarize varying aspects of how the GIS will operate including database design, software design, hardware design, application design, and personnel and management design);

c) implementation plan (provides a detailed program of steps for the development of the GIS including scheduling, management requirements, budget, equipment and personnel resources);

d) initiate implementation plan, prototype, create land base and install system (include system acquisition and installation, training users in GIS system software and the operating system, and prototype project to allow for modification based on testing under operational conditions);

e) data conversion of other records (the organization's records and hard copy maps including the land base are integrated into the GIS over an extended period of time);

f) technical support (insures that the user has access to GIS professionals to resolve day-to-day hardware and software problems and questions).

GIS glossary

The GIS terms under the entries GIS glossary: a-g and GIS glossary: h-t are condensed and reproduced with permission from "A Practitioner's Guide to GIS Terminology" by Stearns J. Wood. Compiled over 30 years and first published in 1984, the book contains more than 10,000 terms embracing all aspects of geoprocessing and geoanalysis, spatial and network analysis, resource management, facilities management, automated mapping, computer-aided design and drafting, database management systems, open systems connectivity and geographic information system computer technology. Selected terms from geography, cartography, computer science, urban and regional information systems, remote sensing and GPS are also included. See GIS glossary: a-g and GIS glossary: h-t.

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