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The former name of the Claria Corporation (, which provides contextual ads to users. The Gator digital wallet, along with other client programs, are vehicles for analyzing a user's habits in order to target ads. See adware.


(1) (AD supported softWARE) Free software supported by advertising messages. The ads may be targeted to the individual based on key words entered into search engines and the types of websites the user visits. See freemium and adserver.

(2) (ADvertisementWARE) Also called "pitchware," adware is software that periodically collects the user's browsing behavior in order to pop up targeted ads on the computer. Adware often accompanies a program the user purposely downloads, and although it may be clearly indicated during the install procedure, novices generally keep clicking Next without reading the dialogs. If the adware is installed without disclosure, it is considered "spyware." If the disclosure is in the end user license agreement (EULA), it is still spyware because people click "I agree" without reading it. See contextual marketing, popup ad, PUP, spyware, parasite and wares.

Don't Just Click Next
This installation includes a security program if the box is left checked (arrow). McAfee scan happens to be a legitimate utility; however, installation dialogs may slip in malware if the user clicks Next without reading.

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