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Google Drive

Google's cloud storage and synchronization service. Offering a limited amount of storage for free and capacities up to 16 terabytes for a monthly fee, Google Drive enables files to be stored in the cloud and retrieved from any desktop or mobile device. It is also used to hold documents in Google's online productivity suite (see Google Docs).

Google Docs

A family of Web-based applications from Google that includes word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, forms creation and cloud storage (Google Drive). Launched in 2006, Google Docs is the umbrella term for the suite; however, Docs is officially the word processing component, while Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Forms make up the rest. Files stored in Google Drive can also be downloaded as PDFs. Individual apps for Android and iOS are also available.

Import/Export Capability
Word processing documents can be imported and exported in Word, OpenOffice, RTF, HTML or text formats. Spreadsheets are compatible with Excel, OpenOffice and comma delimited (CSV) formats, and Google Slides can import PowerPoint presentations. Forms can be stored as spreadsheets and can be exported to CSV files. See Google Drive, G Suite, CSV and Chromebook.

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