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Green Book

See CD-I.


(Compact Disc-Interactive) A Compact Disc (CD) format developed by Philips and Sony that held text, audio and animated graphics. It required a CD-I player that contained its own operating system. The CD-I player also played audio CDs and Karaoke CDs (see CD+G) as well as video CDs (VCDs) with an MPEG-1 card. Professional CD-I players were built for the multimedia training market, and consumer models were made for the entertainment market.

Specified in the Green Book (see CD), CD-I provided approximately two and a half hours of CD-quality stereo or 10 hours of AM radio-quality stereo. Introduced in the mid-1980s, players emerged in the early 1990s, only to be abandoned a few years later. See CD, CD-ROM and DVD.

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