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HTML color codes

Following is a sampling of HTML color codes used in HTML tags for setting background and font color. Colors are coded as red, green and blue intensities in hexadecimal notation (see hex chart).

The first two characters represent the values 0 through 255 for red in hex; the middle two for green and the last two for blue (RRGGBB). For example, FF is equal to 255. Therefore, the purest white obtainable is the highest intensity of red, green and blue, which is FFFFFF (red=255, green=255 and blue=255). Black is the lack of all RGB (0000000).

     Sample Tag for White Background
     <body bgcolor="FFFFFF">   </body>

     Sample Tag for Black Font
     <font color="000000">   </font>

     Color    HTML Color Code

     White    FFFFFF
     Black    000000

     Red      FF0000
     Green    00FF00
     Blue     0000FF

     Cyan     00FFFF
     Magenta  FF00FF
     Yellow   FFFF00
     Black    000000

     Light Shades
     Pink         FFCC99
     Light Green  90EE90
     Light Blue   87CEFA
     Ivory        FFFFF0
     Khaki        F0E68C
     Beige        F5F5DC

     Medium Shades
     Gray         808080
     Brown        8B4513
     Orange       FF9900
     Silver       C0C0C0
     Gold         FFD700

     Dark Shades
     Dark Red     8B0000
     Dark Green   006600
     Dark Blue    0000CC
     Purple       800080

hex chart

The following charts are ASCII code in hexadecimal (00-FF) and in decimal (0-255). The first 128 characters (00-7F) are standard 7-bit ASCII. The next 128 (80-FF) are extended ASCII as found in the first IBM PC. To view charts with ASCII first, see ASCII chart. See ASCII, hex and hex editor.

ASCII Code (Hexadecimal)
The ASCII characters are numbered from 00 to FF (0 to 255). To understand hexadecimal numbering, see hex.

ASCII Code (Decimal)
The ASCII characters are numbered from 0 to 255 in decimal. Note that 0 to 9 are the same in both numbering systems.

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