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(HyperText Transport Protocol-Next Generation) An enhanced version of the HTTP protocol that was developed to meet the increasing performance demands of the 21st century. Explored in a working group of the IETF between 1997 and 1999, it was thought that HTTP-NG would succeed HTTP 1.1 as a more streamlined, layered protocol. Although several proposals were submitted and reviewed, nothing came to fruition. See HTML5.


(HTML Version 5) The latest generation of HTML. HTML5 provides a comprehensive development platform for Web pages that eliminates the need to install third-party browser plug-ins such as Java and Flash. HTML5 supports 2D graphics (see canvas element), document editing, drag and drop, browser history management, audio and video playback (see HTML5 video) and local file storage (see Web storage). After 10 years of development, the W3C made HTML5 a formal standard in 2014.

HTML, JavaScript and Style Sheets (CSS)
HTML5 consolidates and formalizes previous coding methods. Although JavaScript had been the de facto HTML programming language, HTML5 made it part of the standard. The same goes for style sheets (CSS), which are separate files that define the page formatting. Prior to HTML5, CSS was an option; however, in HTML5, certain layout tags are no longer permitted in the body of a page and must be defined in the style sheet (see Cascading Style Sheet).

To ensure compatibility, both HTML5 and XHTML5 were developed in parallel. See XHTML and HTML.

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HTTP/1.0 404 Object Not FoundHTTP proxy
HTTP/2HTTP request header
HTTP downloadHTTP response header
HTTP Dynamic StreamingHTTP return codes
HTTP error codesHTTP server
HTTP file transferHTTP server codes
HTTP GETHTTP streaming
HTTP headerHTTP success codes
HTTP Live Streaminghttp://

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