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IP Switch

A high-speed routing and switching system from the enterprise solutions group of Nokia, Finland and Irving, TX ( Originally developed by Ipsilon Networks of Palo Alto, CA and acquired by Nokia in 1997, the IP Switch routes IP traffic over ATM switches using a proprietary control protocol.

The IP Switch Controller analyzes the first frame of a message and lets short-lived traffic, such as DNS and SNMP queries, flow through the Controller back to the switch. When long-duration traffic is encountered, it sets up a virtual circuit in an ATM switch, and remaining packets flow at high speed. IP Switch uses the General Switch Management Protocol (GSMP) for call setup and the Ipsilon Flow Management Protocol (IFMP) for flow redirection. See IP switching.

IP switching

Switching TCP/IP packets at high speed. Ipsilon's IP Switch started the trend and various vendors followed suit with different approaches, including Cisco's tag switching and 3Com's Fast IP. The goal was to switch IP packets faster than traditional router-based layer 3 forwarding. Subsequent routers have improved immensely and can forward packets at even faster speeds while inspecting each and every packet. See layer 3 switch, IP Switch and tag switching.

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