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Intel AppUp

An online store from Intel for downloading free and paid Windows applications. Introduced in 2010, the store was originally set up to support the Meego platform as well, but Meego was later dropped. In March 2014, the AppUp website was closed. See online app store.

online app store

A website for downloading free and paid applications to smartphones, tablets and computers. Launched with the iPhone 3G in 2008, Apple's App Store popularized the concept of an online store for downloading applications. Following are the app stores in this encyclopedia:


    See Google Play.

    See Amazon Appstore.

    See Samsung Galaxy Apps.


    See Chrome Web Store.


   iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
    See Apple App Store.

   Mac OS X
    See Mac App Store.

    See BlackBerry App World.


   Windows Tablet (Metro)
    See Windows Store.

   Windows Phone
    See Windows Phone Store.

App Stores Are Everywhere
Smart TVs have built-in apps, and third-party apps are available from the vendor's own online store.

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