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LAN port

(Local Area Network port) An RJ-45 Ethernet socket on a computer or network device such as a switch or router. All client machines, servers and network devices on the local network are cabled together at their LAN ports. Contrast with WAN port. See RJ-45.

RJ-45 Ethernet Plug and Socket
RJ-45 plugs and sockets look like telephone plugs and sockets, only larger. Every non-portable electronic device that requires an Internet connection has an RJ-45 port.


(Registered Jack-45) A common data networking interface that employs a cable of twisted wire pairs and an 8-pin modular jack. RJ-45 is used for Ethernet and Type 3 Token Ring networks. See cable categories and RJ-48.

RJ-45 Connectors
Eight-wire RJ-45 connectors are used with Ethernet and Type 3 Token Ring networks.

Variations of RJ-45
These are the variations of RJ-45 pins and wire colors.

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