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Laser Turntable

A turntable for vinyl records from Japanese-based ELP Corporation ( that uses lasers instead of a needle. Introduced in 1991 and continually refined, the Laser Turntable (LT) is an amazing technology that can bring out the music in old phonograph records that was never obtainable before. This premium device is aimed at the serious audiophile and record collector.

Five Lasers Are Used
Two lasers track the groove; two more pick up the analog signals, and a fifth laser keeps the head vertically aligned with the platter. The LT cannot wear out the record because it does not touch the vinyl surface. The lasers read below the surface scratches and eliminate the annoying pops and clicks commonly heard on regular turntables and record players. In addition, the LT tracks old 78 RPM records above the bottom areas of the groove that were continuously worn down by the tip of the needle. See turntable, DJ turntable, vinyl record and audiophile.

The Laser Turntable (LT)
Looking like an old LaserDisc machine (see LaserDisc), the LT plays 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records without ever touching the disc. Introduced in 1991, the LT has been continually refined by the ELP Corporation in Japan. For more information, visit

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