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A cellphone ringtone that uses a constant, 14.4 kHz frequency generally only heard by people under 20. Also known as "Teen Buzz" or "Mozzy Tone," it became popular because parents and teachers usually cannot hear the high-pitched tone when the phones are ringing. After 20, most people's ability to hear these higher frequencies begins to decline; however, some aged 50 and older have been known to recognize the ringtone.

Keep Teenagers From Loitering
The Mosquitotone uses a constant 14.4 kHz sound; the idea taken from the modulated 17 kHz tone of the Mosquito sound-emitting device introduced in Wales in 2005 from Compound Security Systems ( The Mosquito was designed to prevent teenagers from loitering in the area. After a few minutes, the sound becomes very irritating, and the crowd tends to move to another venue. See ringtone.


The audible sound made by a telephone to announce that a call is coming in. The traditional ringtone was in the 440-480 Hz range, but as cellphone usage grew, it became obvious that ringtone differentiation would become important. Modern cellphones support a wide frequency range that allows for several bars of music to be played. Phones come with a selection of built-in ringtones and accept new ones from one or more ringtone services that are downloaded for a fee. Ringtones have become a fad, providing another mode of self-expression.

MP3 has become popular as a ringtone format because it supports voice. MIDI and Nokia's RTTTL (Ringing Tones Text Transfer Language) formats are used, but for music only. Depending on the phone and format, ringtones can be sent via text messages (SMS), but there is no standard for ringtone transfer for all phones and services. See moantone and Mosquitotone.

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