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Office document

(1) Any file created in a Microsoft Office application, such as a Word text document or an Excel spreadsheet.

(2) (office document) A document created in a business environment. See application suite.

application suite

A group of programs that are sold as a package to solve common problems. Although there are suites for graphics and mathematics, the most popular are "office suites." Also known as "productivity suites," they are a set of basic business programs designed with a uniform user interface and common functions such as spell checking. The primary programs are word processing, spreadsheet and presentation graphics such as Microsoft's Word, Excel and PowerPoint and Apple's Pages, Numbers and KeyNote. All office suites are able to read Microsoft files but may be able to save documents only in their native formats.

Each version has its own mix of apps, and one or more utilities may also be included. The individual programs are often available as separate products. See Microsoft Office, iWork, WordPerfect Office, Lotus SmartSuite, StarOffice, Apache OpenOffice, G Suite, Zoho and graphics suite.

A Single Package
While no application suite may have the best program in each category, they have become very popular because trial versions are often pre-installed on new computers. In addition, a package of basic apps is appealing to many users. Microsoft Office is the most popular office suite and represents a large portion of the company's revenue. See also application stack.

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