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Photo CD

An imaging system for photofinishers from Kodak ( that digitized 35mm and Advantix film onto a CD-ROM in five Photo CD (PCD) resolutions. Using a Kodak Picture Imaging Workstation, each photographic-quality image (2048x3072x24) compressed into 6MB. Thumbnails were also provided. Photo CD did not take off as expected and was followed by the Picture CD system, which creates JPEG images. See Picture CD.

Several Formats
Kodak tried to cover all bases with different formats. Pro Photo CD was offered for images from professional format film; Photo CD Catalog had the ability to store thousands of pictures; and Photo CD Medical was created for CAT scans and MRIs.

Picture CD

An imaging system from Kodak ( that digitizes 35mm or Advantix film and stores the pictures as JPEG images on a CD-ROM. Like Kodak's Photo CD system, the process is done by a photofinisher, but Picture CD is geared more for the consumer and provides only one high-resolution image of each picture rather than several. Software for Mac and Windows also comes on the CD-ROM (technically a CD-PROM) that lets you zoom, crop and remove red-eye from the pictures. See CD-PROM and Photo CD.

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