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Photoshop filter

A software routine that changes the appearance of an image in Photoshop. See Photoshop plug-in.

Photoshop plug-in

A software routine that is activated in Photoshop. Although some plug-ins come with Photoshop, there are countless third-party products that enhance an image in some manner, which would otherwise be tedious or extremely difficult using the regular Photoshop tools. Photoshop "filters" change the appearance of a photo by merely running the filter on the image. Photoshop "actions" enable a series of changes to take place one after the other on an image. See Photoshop actions and image filter.

Smooth the Jaggies
The Perfectum filter from Redfield Plugins smooths the jagged edges and eliminates noise in an image. Perfectum is especially useful for images that have been enlarged. (Image courtesy of Redfield Plugins,

Get Wild
Redfield's Fractalius plug-in turned the car at the top into the one at the bottom. Redfield Plugins offers a variety of imaginative filters that can turn ordinary pictures into exciting artwork and even change facial expressions. (Image courtesy of Redfield Plugins,

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