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The former name of device management software from Wyse Technology, San Jose, CA ( that is designed to centrally control up to 100,000+ devices, including Wyse thin clients (see Winterm), Palm, PocketPC and other mobile devices. Rebranded as "Wyse Device Manager" in 2007, it provides access to local and remote client information stored in one or more MSDE-SQL or MS-SQL databases. It also optimizes network bandwidth during software distribution operations, provides manual and automatic discovery of network devices and performs scheduled updates and remote diagnostics.


A early family of thin clients (terminals) from Wyse Technology, San Jose, CA ( that displayed Windows, Java, Linux, Unix and Web-based applications running on servers in an enterprise or the Internet. It uses a variety of thin display protocols, including HTML, X Window, text terminal emulations (ASCII, ANSI, IBM), Microsoft Terminal Services and ICA. Winterm thin clients use embedded operating systems such as Windows XP Embedded, Windows CE, Linux and Wyse's own Blazer OS. See thin client and ICA.

An Early Winterm Station
Using a StrongARM processor originally from Digital Equipment, this 4300 was a combination Windows terminal and Java-based network computer. (Image courtesy of Wyse Technology.)

Wireless Winterm
This early wireless unit let users move within a thousand feet of the transmitter. Larger areas could be spanned with multiple transmitters. (Image courtesy of Wyse Technology.)

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