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See SATA Express.

SATA Express

A hardware interface for peripheral devices that supports both SATA and PCI Express (PCIe). SATA Express was designed to improve the transfer speed between solid state drives and the computer by incorporating the faster PCI Express technology rather than enhancing the SATA interface beyond SATA 3.0 (see below).

One PCIe or Two SATA Drives
The SATA Express port on a computer connects one PCIe drive or up to two SATA drives. PCIe drives use an 18-wire SATA Express cable and plug, while SATA drives use standard 7-wire SATA cables and plugs. SATA Express supports two controller interfaces (see AHCI and NVMe). See SATA and PCI Express.

  Drive      Transfer Rate
  Type       (Gbits/sec)

  SATA 3.0       6.0

  PCIe 3.0      16.0 (2 x 8.0 Gbps lanes)

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