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Taptic Engine

Apple's branding of its haptic feedback first implemented in the Apple Watch, which taps the user on the wrist. The Taptic Engine functions migrated to other Apple products including the iPhone 7, which previously used a linear accelerator to create vibrations. The Taptic Engine is also used to give the illusion of a click on Mac trackpads. See haptic interface.

haptic interface

Communication with a computer or electronic device via sensory feedback. Examples are touchscreens and trackpads that deliver a slight buzz or vibration when tapped or pressed, simulating the depression of a physical button or keyboard key. Smartwatches, fitness bands and finger rings that vibrate or tap the wrist for notifications are also haptic devices, the most notable of which is the Apple Watch. The word haptic refers to the sense of touch. See touchscreen, haptic hologram and Apple Watch.

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