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(Transmeta Corporation, Santa Clara, CA) A semiconductor firm founded in 1995 to produce low-power x86-based CPU chips. In 2000, the Crusoe processor debuted, and the Efficeon chips came out in 2003, which offered greater performance. Its chip designs were licensed to several companies and used in various devices. In 2009, Transmeta licensed its designs to NVIDIA and was acquired by Novafora, which ceased operations that same year. See Crusoe processor.

Crusoe processor

An x86-based CPU chip from Transmeta Corporation that was designed for Internet appliances and mobile devices. Debuting in 2000, it consumed less power than mobile x86 chips from Intel, AMD and others because it placed more of the processing burden on the software. Running Windows and Linux applications, Crusoe used a software translation layer known as "Code Morphing" that turned x86 instructions into Crusoe instructions. This layer allowed the chip to be used for other instruction sets as well. See Transmeta.

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