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Universal SearchOS

A search application from Gaviri Technologies Inc., Parsippany, NJ ( that runs on any Windows device capable of storing digital data. It provides search interoperability across devices, networks, operating systems and other data sources. Using a "sandbox indexing and searching" technique, the program is installed on only one machine, but lets the user search the Web, all sharable network drives as well as data on Windows Mobile smartphones and local flash drives. SearchOS can be run from a desktop computer, laptop, network drive, U3 flash drive or Ceedo drive, the latter similar to U3 from Ceedo Technologies ( See U3.

Introduced in 2005, Universal SearchOS provides out-of-the-box data discovery capabilities, search portability and universal file management across all data sources. It also includes image editing facilities, in-place movie viewing and many helpful features to help users manage their data.

All Data Sources
The user selects the local, removable and network drives, Web sources and email message repositories to be searched. (Image courtesy of Gaviri Technologies Inc.,


(You: Simplified, Smarter, Mobile) An earlier platform for portable Windows applications from U3 LLC, Milpitas, CA. Both the U3-enabled app and user's data resided on a USB drive. U3's "smart drive computing" introduced the concept of portable applications. Founded in 2004 by M-Systems and SanDisk, U3 evolved into StartKey from Microsoft and SanDisk.

Launch and Run Without a Trace
Like software on a hard disk, the U3 application was read into memory and executed from the USB drive. However, when the drive was removed, there were no data or altered Registry settings left in the computer. Any Windows PC could be used merely as a processing engine.

Developing the U3 Application
Applications had to become U3 compliant. Apps that did not use the Registry were wrapped in a U3 header, and those that required the Registry had to communicate with the U3 programming interface (API). See USB drive and COM.

An Interesting Concept
If we carried our U3 apps on a keychain, we could run them on any Windows PC.

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