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(1) (Vi IMproved) A text editor written by Bram Moolenaar that runs under most operating systems. Licensed as charityware and released in the early 1990s, VIM is an enhanced version of the Unix vi editor and is mostly compatible with it. VIM is command driven, but also offers a GUI option that accepts the same commands. VIM can be customized by the user, and it accepts plug-ins for added functionality. For more information, visit See vi.

(2) (Vendor Independent Messaging Interface) A programming interface developed by Lotus, Novell, IBM and others. In order to enable an application to send and receive mail over a VIM-compliant messaging system such as cc:Mail, programmers write to the VIM interface.


(1) (VIsual) A Unix full-screen text editor that was originally written by Bill Joy in the 1970s and still widely used. Vi is a command-driven editor geared to programmers that evolved from the "visual mode" in the ex editor, its predecessor. "Visual" means that the user can move up and down the lines of text in contrast to the very first text editors that allowed changes to a single line at a time distinguished by line number. See VIM.

(2) (VI) (Virtual Interface) A memory to memory transport protocol that is used for high-speed transfer of data between machines. Used in clusters of two or more computers, VI enables long blocks of data to be sent from one application in one machine directly to another application in a remote machine without the overhead associated with being broken up into packets by a transport protocol. However, the lower data link protocols VI relies on to transmit over a network may or may not break up the data into frames. Another feature is VI's ability to communicate directly from the application's buffer to the network interface and bypass the operating system. Also known as Virtual Interface Architecture (VIA), VI is a type of a "remote DMA." See RDMA, DMA and DAFS.

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