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Visual dBASE

See dBASE versions.

dBASE versions

dBASE II was the first version of dBASE, a 16-bit command-driven program for CP/M and subsequently DOS. In 1984, dBASE III upgraded the DOS version with more features and support for larger databases. In 1986, dBASE III PLUS added the ability to store queries and relational views. In 1988, dBASE IV added support for SQL.

In 1994, dBASE 5 for Windows added objects and visual programming and provided connectivity to a variety of SQL databases using the Borland Database Engine. In 1995, Version 5.5 was renamed Visual dBASE, and a 32-bit version (Visual dBASE 7.0) was developed in 1997. In 1999, dBASE Inc. acquired dBASE from Borland and upgraded both versions of Visual dBASE, the 32-bit version subsequently becoming the engine in dBASE Plus (which was named dB2K for a short time).

       Version           Bits Year   OS

       dBASE II          16   1981   CP/M
       dBASE II          16   1982   DOS
       dBASE III         16   1984   DOS
       dBASE III+        16   1986   DOS
       dBASE IV          16   1988   DOS
       dBASE 5           16   1994   Windows
       Visual dBASE 5.5  16   1995   Windows
       Visual dBASE 5.7  16   1999   Windows
       Visual dBASE 7.0  32   1997   Windows
       Visual dBASE 7.5  32   1999   Windows
       dB2K              32   2000   Windows
       dBASE Plus        32   2002   Windows

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