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An application development environment for Smalltalk for Windows, Mac and Unix from Cincom Systems. Introduced in 1991, it includes development tools such as a compiler, debugger, GUI builder and class browser. Cincom acquired the VisualWorks product line from ObjectShare, Inc. in 1999 and packaged it with the ObjectStudio toolset to make up its Smalltalk development environment. VisualWorks was originally ObjectWorks from ParcPlace, which was spun off of Xerox PARC in 1987 and merged with Digitalk in 1995 to form ObjectShare. See Smalltalk.


An operating system and object-oriented programming language that was developed at Xerox PARC. As an integrated environment, it eliminates the distinction between programming language and operating system. It also allows its user interface and behavior to be customized.

Smalltalk was the first object-oriented programming language to become popular. It was originally used to create prototypes of simpler programming languages and the graphical interfaces that are so popular today. Smalltalk was first run on Xerox's Alto computer, which was designed for it. In 1980, Smalltalk-80 was licensed to Tektronix, Apple, HP and TI for internal use. The first commercial release of Smalltalk was Methods from Digitalk in 1983, which later evolved into Visual Smalltalk. In 1997, Smalltalk became an ANSI standard (X3J20). See VisualWorks, Visual Smalltalk, VisualAge and Alto.

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