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Vouch By Reference

An anti-spam protocol from the Domain Assurance Council (DAC) that enables third party certification providers to vouch for the legitimacy of the sender's domain name in an email message. A Vouch By Reference (VBR) email message includes the name of a trusted certification provider that the recipient queries for verification. The email message is also signed via DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) to verify that it has not been modified, and the signature is included in the email header. See email authentication.

VBR-Info Header
A Vouch By Reference email includes a VBR-Info header that contains fields for sender's domain name, type of email message and the names of one or more certification providers. For more information, visit

email authentication

The verification that an email message has been sent by the domain name in the From field. Called "domain spoofing," spammers falsify the From address in their messages in order not to be identified. Various methods have been developed that rely on the Internet's domain name system (DNS) to obtain the addresses of the sending mail server or the public keys to decrypt a digital signature. See Vouch By Reference, DKIM, Sender ID and SPF.

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