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Web error codes

See HTTP return codes.

HTTP return codes

A status code that is returned from the Web server (HTTP server) to the client program, typically the browser. It indicates the status of the request and reports errors and necessary information so that the client software can respond.

 Code     Meaning


 100 - Continue; partial request received
 101 - OK to switch protocols


 200 - OK; all requested info returned
 201 - Created; request filled
 202 - Accepted; request received
 203 - Source unknown; 3rd party info
 204 - No new content; nothing to send
 205 - Reset content; OK to clear form
 206 - Request only partially filled


 300 - Header for 3xx codes
 301 - Moved permanently; use new URL
 302 - Moved temporarily; use same URL
 303 - Redirected
 304 - Not modified; use cached copy
 305 - Use proxy; URL is provided


 400 - Did not understand request
 401 - Password required
 402 - Payment required
 403 - Request refused
 404 - Not found
 406 - Content type not acceptable
 407 - Browser must authenticate
 408 - Timed out; send again
 409 - Update conflict with explanation
 410 - Not found; resource gone
 411 - Content length missing
 412 - Conditions on request failed
 413 - Request too long to process
 414 - Resource address too long
 415 - Unsupported media type; bad format


 500 - Internal error
 501 - Cannot fill request
 502 - Cannot process gateway request
 503 - Overloaded or service over limits
 504 - Gateway or proxy server timed out
 505 - HTTP version not supported

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