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WiFi remote control

See Wi-Fi remote control.

Wi-Fi remote control

A custom-designed touch panel or an app for a smartphone or tablet that controls entertainment components (speakers, home theater, etc.) and/or household appliances. The home Wi-Fi hotspot is used to connect the remote to the network, and the signals are sent to the target devices via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

No Pointing
Wi-Fi remotes offer the convenience of radio frequency (RF) remote control systems, which unlike infrared (IR), do not have to be aimed at the unit being operated. In addition, a tablet offers more finger space for ease of use as well as more information at a glance than the traditional handheld remote.

For operation of existing IR-controlled equipment, devices are available that convert Wi-Fi to infrared (IR) signals. The user's smartphone or tablet is used, and the converter is trained by sending signals from the IR remote to the unit. See IR blaster.

The Internet of Things
As everyday objects become increasingly connected to the home network, the Wi-Fi remote will eventually become commonplace as the controller for the entire household. See Internet of Things, RF remote control and IR remote control.

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