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Win Copy/move files/folders

In Windows, the Explorer file manager is used to copy and move files and folders, using drag and drop or the menus. To launch Explorer, right click the Start menu and select File Explorer, Open Windows Explorer or Explore, depending on Windows version. See Win Explorer and Win Drag and drop.

Cut, Copy and Paste - Left Button Highlight
This method works like cutting, copying and pasting text and graphics. You highlight the icons of the source files or folders and select Cut or Copy from the Edit menu (or press Ctrl-X for cut and Ctrl-C for copy from the keyboard). Then highlight the destination icon and select Paste from the Home or Edit menu (or press Ctrl-V).

Cut, Copy and Paste - Right Button Highlight
This method is a little faster than above. Instead of the left button, use the right mouse button to select an icon. When you let go of the button, a menu appears letting you select Cut or Copy. Then, as in the previous method, you highlight the destination icon and select Paste from the Home or Edit menu (or press Ctrl-V).

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