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Win Finding files

Windows XP has a basic search facility for finding files by name or content. Windows Desktop Search (WDS) is an add-on to XP that indexes files for faster searching similar to the desktop search that was introduced with Windows Vista (see Win Desktop search). Click Search in the XP Start menu to display the following dialog:

Win XP Search Dialog
XP provides a comprehensive search capability but can be slow when searching for content within a file. Windows Desktop Search (WDS) provides fast searching in XP like the index search in subsequent Windows versions.

Win Desktop search

The desktop search facility in Windows lets users find internal files by name or content. The files in default folders such as Documents are indexed automatically to speed up searching, and users can include and exclude folders. In addition, file types can be marked as "index file name only and not content," since indexing takes time and space.

In Win7, 8.1 and 10, select the Start menu and begin typing. For Windows XP search, see Win Finding files.

To Index More Folders
To extend the indexed search to other folders, select the Indexing Options control panel, which is found in Icon View. See desktop search.

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