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Win RT

See WinRT.


(WINdows RunTime) The programming interface (API) used to develop Windows 8 tablet-style (Metro) applications. WinRT is a runtime engine for the ARM and x86 platforms, and WinRT tablet-style apps run in ARM tablets under the Windows RT operating system and in x86 PCs under the Windows 8 operating system. In x86 PCs, WinRT co-exists with the traditional Windows programming interface (see Win32).

Designed for developers to create safe "sandboxed" touchscreen applications available from Microsoft's Windows Store, WinRT is a runtime engine that supports multiple programming languages, including C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, HTML, JavaScript and XAML.

WinRT Vs. Windows RT
WinRT is the runtime engine for the applications, while Windows RT is the OS for ARM tablets. WinRT is used with the Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro operating systems to deliver the tablet-style apps. See Windows RT, Windows 8 and runtime engine.

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