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(WINdows Future Storage) The code name for a unified storage subsystem that was expected in Windows Vista but never completed. Using a relational database and XML meta-data, WinFS was designed to go beyond the hierarchical view that Explorer presents to the user. It would have let users index and combine heterogeneous data formats such as files, folders, email and contacts. Data would be searched like a search engine, which yields results in different formats (HTML pages, documents, etc.).

FS Is Not a File System
Because "FS" is in the name, WinFS was often mistaken for a new file system. WinFS was designed to sit on top of the NTFS file system, and software developers would write to the WinFS programming interface (API). See NTFS.


(New Technology File System) The primary Windows file system, starting with Windows NT. Introduced in 1993, NTFS is required to implement various security and administrative features in Windows. For example, NTFS supports Active Directory domain names and provides file encryption. Permissions can be set at the file level rather than by folder, and individual users can be assigned disk space quotas.

NTFS is a journaling file system that can recover from disk errors more readily than the FAT32 file system. It also supports the Unicode character set and long file names up to 255 characters. See journaling file system.

FAT32 for External Drives
On Windows NTFS systems, external hard drives and USB drives are often formatted in FAT32 for greater compatibility with other computers. See MFT, FAT32, file system, cluster and EFS.

         FAT16  FAT32   NTFS

 Volume  4GB    32GB    16TB (using
 Size                      4KB clusters)

 File    2GB    4GB     16TB

 OS      DOS
         Win95  Win95/OSR2
         Win98  Win98
         WinNT  WinNT   WinNT(SP4)
         Win2K  Win2K   Win2K
         WinXP  WinXP   WinXP

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