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The designation for analog component video signals. The three cables ("Y," "Pb" and "Pr") provided a higher quality connection than the single-wire composite cable commonly used to hook up earlier video equipment, because the brightness and color components of the signal were maintained separately. The YPbPr signals were derived from the red, green and blue (RGB) colors captured by a scanner or digital camera, and RGB was converted into brightness and two color difference signals (B-Y and R-Y) for TV/video. See component video.

YPbPr and YCbCr
YPbPr component video is the analog counterpart of YCbCr digital component video. YPbPr uses three cables, whereas YCbCr uses only one. See Y (B-Y) (R-Y), YCbCr, YUV, YUV/RGB conversion formulas and color space.

RCA and BNC Connectors
YPbPr signals on consumer equipment use RCA connectors (top), while professional equipment typically uses BNC (bottom).

TNC Connectors
These "threaded" TNC sockets are combo connectors that are used for YPbPr or RGB signals. YPbPr is not RGB; it is the mathematical equivalent of RGB (see YUV/RGB conversion formulas). See BNC connector.

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