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A visual voicemail service for iPhones and Android smartphones from YouMail Inc., Overriding the carrier-supplied voicemail, the YouMail app stores incoming messages in the phone, and messages can be shared via email, Facebook or Twitter. Caller ID is included, and unwanted callers can be blocked. To identify more voicemails, the user's Facebook account can also be linked. Premium services include multiple line support and voice-to-text that is readable via the phone, email or SMS. See visual voicemail.

visual voicemail

A smartphone app that downloads voice messages from the carrier into the phone. Instead of dialing a voicemail phone number and entering a passcode as has been done for decades with cellphones, users open their app and see a list of messages with phone numbers and times. Also unlike dialed-up messages that are played sequentially, visual voicemails can be listened to in any order, and the messages are always available because they are already in the phone. Apple popularized visual voicemail with the iPhone, but the "visual" only refers to the list of messages, "not" viewable text. However, "truly visual" voicemail, wherein messages are converted to readable text, is available from several sources for most smartphones (see YouMail). See virtual voicemail.

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