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ZV Port

(Zoomed Video Port) An extension to the PC Card (PCMCIA) standard that provides a high transfer rate for video applications on portable computers. Video data goes directly to the display controller, bypassing the CPU and system bus, allowing full-screen, full-motion playback of digital video. The ZV Port is built into the notebook computer and activated by plugging in an MPEG PC Card that is ZV Port-compliant.

The ZV Port equivalent on a desktop computer is the pass-through capability built into the MPEG board. The MPEG board is cabled directly to the monitor and provides a pass through for VGA signals from the graphics card. See VGA pass through.

VGA pass-through

A feature of a high-resolution graphics card that does not support standard VGA resolution. The VGA card in the computer is cabled to the pass-through circuit on the high-res adapter. When high-resolution is not used, the card's driver causes the VGA signals to pass through to the monitor. Pass-through circuits are also built into MPEG boards, allowing both VGA and MPEG signals to reach the monitor.

VGA Pass-Through
The signals go from the VGA card to the high-resolution adapter and then to the monitor.

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