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Zip disk

An earlier 3.5" removable disk format from Iomega. When Zip disks came out in 1995 with 100MB cartridges, their huge storage compared to floppy disks made them very popular. However, like all removable media of that era, the Zip was eclipsed by recordable CDs and the Internet.

Storage capacities evolved to 250MB and 750MB in 1998 and 2002 respectively, but the USB and FireWire-based 750MB drives could only read but not write 100MB cartridges. The Zip was a floppy-like technology with design concepts from hard disks and Iomega's earlier Bernoulli disks. The drive's bundled software could lock the files for security. See Bernoulli box.

Zip Cartridge
Zip drives were introduced in 1995 and became very popular for a number of years as a transportable, rewritable storage medium.

Bernoulli Box

An early removable disk drive from Iomega. Introduced in 1983 with 10MB cartridges containing an 8" floppy platter, the Bernoulli provided a reliable, removable and high-capacity (for the time) storage medium for personal computers. In the late 1980s, 5.25" drives came out with 20, 44 and 90MB capacities, and later, 150MB and 230MB.

Unlike a hard disk in which the read/write head flies over a rigid disk, the Bernoulli floppy is spun at high speed and bends up close to the head. Upon power failure, a hard disk must retract the head to prevent a crash, whereas the Bernoulli disk naturally bends down. See Bernoulli's principle and magnetic disk.

Bernoulli Cartridge
This is an example of a third-generation Bernoulli cartridge. The Bernoulli was the first removable storage for personal computers, which proved very reliable.

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