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ballot selfie

A photo of a person holding a filled-in, written voting ballot that is shared on social media. A ballot selfie is taken to express one's political beliefs. However, in 2014, the state of New Hampshire made it illegal, claiming people could sell their votes and prove how they voted. The ballot selfie ban was considered downright silly, and it was struck down in 2015 both by a federal judge in New Hampshire and by the Supreme Court as part of a different free speech case. See selfie.


A still picture of one's self, typically taken with a smartphone that has a front-facing camera. A video selfie is a video recording rather than a still image. People take so many selfies these days that a phone's front-facing camera is often called a "selfie camera."

Selfie Stick
A selfie stick is a telescopic pole that extends the smartphone out several feet. It lets people take a more natural selfie without their arm showing. In addition, more background scenery can be photographed when the camera is extended farther out. See selfie drone, ballot selfie, front-facing camera and theftie.

The GoTech Selfie Stick
This young couple is using a GoTech stick to take a selfie in front of an ancient Native American altar. The GoTech and phone are paired via Bluetooth, and the photo is taken by pressing a button on the handle (for information, visit

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