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A portable, low-price music system that contains an AM/FM radio and CD player. Boomboxes come in myriad sizes and shapes and may also support MP3 and other compressed audio files. Philips introduced the first boombox in 1966, which had a tape cassette deck for recording and playback, and boomboxes began to flourish in Japan and the U.S. Although today's smartphones are widely used for personal listening, speakers are still necessary for room-filling sound, and Bluetooth-enabled boomboxes can be used for that requirement. Battery-driven units typically have an AC power option, but large boomboxes require wall power. See music system.

A Best Buy Boombox
Using six D-cell batteries or AC power, this Insignia portable boombox contains an AM/FM radio and plays CDs and tape cassettes. (Image courtesy of BBY Solutions, Inc.,

music system

A home stereo system for playing music that comes in myriad sizes and shapes. Modern music systems contain an AM/FM tuner, CD player, amplifier and speakers, while older units offered a tape cassette player. Along with standard CD music tracks, they may also play MP3 and other compressed audio formats either on an optical disc, memory card or streamed from the local network or Internet.

Music systems are often Bluetooth enabled and serve as a speaker for mobile devices. They may also connect to satellite units for multi-room playback. Some units feature a dock with a Lightning connector for iPods, iPhones and iPads. See boombox, Sonos and Lightning connector.

A Self-Contained Music System
With built-in AM/FM radio, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, this Wave SoundTouch system IV also includes Spotify, Pandora, iTunes and other audio sources. Since its introduction in 1984, the Wave product line from Bose has been very popular. In 1992, the tape cassette was replaced with a CD player. (Image courtesy of Bose Corporation,

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