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A plastic container that holds a CD or DVD disc for added protection. The bare disc is placed in the caddy, and the caddy is inserted into the drive. A caddy is not a jewel case. A jewel case protects the disc for transportation. A caddy protects the disc while reading and writing. See HDD cradle.

Caddy Load
Earlier drives always used a caddy. Today, some drives still require one for added protection.

DVD-RAMs use a Caddy
For writing, DVD-RAM drives require the disk to be placed into a caddy. The drives support both caddy and caddyless media, and for reading, the bare disks can be used. (Image courtesy of Panasonic Industrial Company.)

HDD cradle

(Hard Disk Drive cradle) A container that turns a standard hard drive into a removable one. The hard drive is bolted into a removable carrier that is inserted into a stationary cradle that connects to the power supply and signal cables in the computer case.

Also called an "HDD caddy," "drive enclosure" or "bay adapter," such devices are widely used for quick replacement in a multi-drive RAID configuration. They also provide security. At the end of the day, the drive can be removed and placed in a safer location. See cradle and RAID.

HDD Cradle
The carrier in this Promise Technology enclosure is designed for quick removal and replacement. (Image courtesy of Promise Technology, Inc.,

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