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class browser

A software tool in an object-oriented language that lets you scroll through and edit a hierarchical tree of objects. A refactoring browser makes it easier to move routines by ensuring that all linkages are maintained properly. The Smalltalk language pioneered the class browser and has been known for its advanced browsing capabilities. See browse.


(1) On the Web, browse means to move from link to link to view the contents of Web pages. See Web browser.

(2) To view the contents of a file. See file viewer and graphics viewer.

(3) To view the file hierarchy on a disk. Browse is a primary function of a file manager, letting users peruse the files by name that are on the computer's drives. The browse function is also built into every Open and Save operation in an application. It allows the user to locate a file in order to open it and to select a folder in which to save a newly created file. See file manager.

(4) To view and edit a flow chart of a system created in a program specialized for visual system design.

(5) To view and edit a class hierarchy of objects in an object-oriented programming language. See object-oriented programming.

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